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          OCCI offers personalized service through company principal involvement on every project. Experienced project teams ensure the implementation of timely and professionally run projects from concept to completion. OCCI places safety at the forefront in our work place and job sites. We are a dedicated and experienced organization employing expert field and office personnel who are always available to deal with any concerns or questions. The company has a LEED AP and in house Architects on staff. We continuously derive new and progressive ways to utilize the most advanced technologies such as BIM to enable us to improve the efficacy of all our projects.

          With five decades of experience as a certified Butler Builder with Butler Manufacturing Company, OCCI has furnished and erected these quality pre-engineered metal building systems for many notable companies and public entities including: PSE&G, Merck & Company, Anheuser Busch, Exxon, Unilever, Hewlett Packard, NJ Division of Motor Vehicles and Great Adventure Amusement Park.

          • Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Buildings
          • Corporate Facilities
          • Education Facilities
          • Healthcare Facilities
          • Manufacturing Facilities
          • Food and Paper Manufacturing Facilities
          • Retail
          • Hospitality Industry
          • Utility Facilities

          Below are examples of some recent projects.